IT Cost Efficiency

Five Steps To Efficiently Use Your IT Budgets

In the digital age, information technology has finally matured from a cost factor to a fully-fledged production factor. Traditional cost-cutting programs are thus falling short. Rather, companies must use their IT budgets in such a way that they provide maximum support for the profitable growth of their business. At the same time, they must optimize the associated costs in order to remain competitive.

The following five steps combine cost optimization and benefit maximisation. The result is a catalogue of concrete recommendations for more efficient use of your IT budget. This includes short and medium-term potentials for optimizing your existing IT costs as well as medium and long-term potentials for increasing your competitive differentiation and company growth through information technology.


We divide the measures for a more efficient use of your IT budget into three phases according to the period of effectiveness: 

Quick Wins mainly result from the elimination of inefficiencies in demand management, projects and vendor management. You reduce your IT costs without compromising benefits and quality.

In consolidation, cost optimization and benefit maximization are equally important. The consolidation of applications, transparent purchasing processes and efficient use of personnel are the key issues here.

The transformation phase is determined by maximizing the benefits of IT. A future-proof architecture and the optimization of your business processes determine your agenda here.

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Success Stories

International Insurance Group

Optimization Of Global IT Costs

Analysis of IT costs of global IT services of more than 200 international companies, identification and evaluation of optimization potential of the international companies, development and implementation of a catalogue of activities for a more efficient use of global IT budgets
Engineering Services Provider

Cost Optimization

Structuring of IT costs according to business process, analysis of cost drivers and investment requirements on the basis of the new business strategy, derivation and implementation of measures for more efficient use of the IT budget
International Recruitment Agency

Impact of Digitalization

Analysis of the impact of digitalization on the business model, development of scenarios to adapt/realign individual business areas, derivation of scenarios for the required IT budgets
International Insurance Group

Global IT Cost Optimization

Optimization of the costs for global IT services, implementation of costing, planning and control for the global IT services at more than 200 international companies
International Bank Group

Optimisation Of Global IT-Budgets

Analysis of the entire financial accounting system at the IT service company, review of the service structure, service level management and cost structure, creation of an optimization concept
International Insurance Group

Analysis of global SAP Licence Management

Cost and usage analysis of more than 60,000 SAP licences worldwide, identification of untapped licence potential, catalogue of measures to optimize licence management, catalogue of activities to optimise licence management and the associated OPEX/CAPEX
International Transport Company

In-house Service Levels

Analysis of potential future in-house service levels for individual IT services, parameters: potential personnel requirements, the value of IT services, significance to business processes, output: cost-benefit scenarios for the inhouse services with catalogue of optimisation measures
Manufacturer of Medical Technology

IT Strategy and Digitalization

Advising the CIO on IT strategy development in the light of the digital transformation of the industry, positioning of IT and IT marketing within the company, definition of scenarios for the efficient use of IT budgets
International Transport Company

IT Service Management

Concept design for and implementation of IT service management for all IT services and processes at the company, mapping of the service, planning, forecasting and financial processes in the SAP system, derivation of optimization activities
International Engineering Company

Global IT Project Planning

Development of a system for the detailed planning, scheduling and approval of costs, investments and resources for global IT projects and operations, derivation and implementation of measures for more efficient use of IT budgets
International Standardization Body

Analysis of IT Service Management

Analysis of all processes relating to IT service management, distribution of tasks in the IT area, review of the IT service catalogue, analysis of the commercial control system, creation of a catalogue of optimization activities for more efficient use of IT budgets
Food Company

Optimization of Commercial IT Service Management

Review and optimization of commercial processes in global IT service management, restructuring of planning and costing for the IT services, implementation of a reporting and key figure system
International Bank Group

IT Programme and Project Controlling

Introduction and implementation of system-supported programme and project controlling, including budget and resource planning, forecasting and settlement for international IT projects
Federal State Data Centre

IT Project Controlling

Setting up of a system of planning, budgeting and controlling for all IT projects in the organisation, including comprehensive project reporting and project risk management
Federal State Company

IT Controlling

Support for the CIO/CFO in the setting up of a commercial control system for the company, mapping of the controlling processes in the SAP system, implementation of an indicator system (KPI) and a balanced scorecard
Federal State Ministry

Federal State-wide IT Controlling

Setting up of IT controlling for federal state-wide IT activities, particularly budget management, provider management, project controlling and control of the federal state date centre
International Telecommunication Company

IT Cost Optimisation

Analysis of global IT costs for each business area, correlation of costs and user requirements, analysis of internal clearing processes, determination of potential optimization measures
International Pharmaceutical Company

IT Service Management

Optimization of the structure and processes of IT service management, concept design for and implementation of a financial and controlling system for global IT services, derivation and implementation of measures for more efficient use of IT budgets
International Telecommunication Company

Global IT Financial Management

Restructuring of the financial accounting processes for internal IT services, concept design for a company-wide planning and reporting system, mapping in the SAP system
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