Sector Expertise

Trade, Transport & Logistics

Rising online sales, increasing globalisation and Just-in-Time deliveries define today’s trade, transport and logistics sectors. The result is that the business models and processes of every company in this market segment are changing. These changes are not new. What is new is the breathtaking speed of these changes. Innovative technologies are the basis and partly the cause of these changes. We help our clients to use these technologies in such a way that they can strengthen their competitive position in a sustainable manner.

Success Stories

International Retail Organisation

Installation of a B2C Shop System

Concept design for content of an eCommerce platform, definition and implementation of project organization, implementation support in the form of project coaching and project controlling
Retail Organisation

Project Restructuring, Product Information Management (PIM)

Taking control of project management after repeatedly failed implementation, analysis of the initial situation, reorganization through to a successful go-live
International Trading Enterprise

Introduction of Agile Methods

Creation of a procedure for the SAP/eCommerce situation, introduction of agile methods (Scrum, Kanban) in eCommerce and coupling with classic project management related to SAP development
National Transport Services Provider

Test Management

Development of a test strategy for Germany-wide locations, concept design for and execution of function and performance tests for the installation of an IT-supported data entry system
Logistics Group

Data Protection Compliance

Group-wide initial survey to identify processes involving personal data and check for compliance with data protection provisions, central monitoring of all processes in the group that deals with personal data
German Trading Enterprise

IT Report

Evaluation of the software landscape and infrastructure to pinpoint optimization and efficiency potential, identification and assessment of the optimization potential, plan for optimization measures
German Retail Enterprise

Repositioning of Outsourcing and Restructuring

Replacement of supplier contracts with previous outsourcing companies, which were concluded under adverse conditions, drawing up of new contracts with other partners, introduction of program management
Foodstuff Manufacturer and Trader

Project Coaching

Support for a comprehensive transformation project for the introduction of a new platform to control company production and distribution processes, continuous adaptation of project planning, quality assurance
Foodstuff Manufacturer and Trader

IT Restructuring

Analysis of existing IT organisation, processes and systems, generation of future IT organisation on the basis of digital market trends in this segment, support for restructuring
International Transport Company

In-house Service Levels

Analysis of potential future in-house service levels for individual IT services, parameters: potential personnel requirements, the value of IT services, significance to business processes, output: cost-benefit scenarios for the inhouse services with catalogue of optimisation measures
International Transport Company

Group Reporting

Analysis and optimization of group reporting (balance sheet, income statement, cash flow, personnel indicators, logistics key figures), integration of the various data sources in the SAP reporting system
Aerospace Company

Potential Analysis of Facility Management

Analysis of structures, processes and costs of more than 25,000 assets, detailed analysis of usage, maintenance and repairs, identification of optimization potential
International Airport

IT Project Management

Concept design for and implementation of system-supported project management, including resource planning, budget management, project status monitoring and risk management, mapping in various project systems and the SAP system
Aerospace Company

Potential Analysis of Facility Management

Analysis of structures, processes and costs of more than 25,000 assets, detailed analysis of usage, maintenance and repairs, identification of optimization potential
Foodstuff Manufacturer and Trader

SAP Licence Consultancy

Analysis of existing SAP licence situation, forecast of future licence requirements, generation of a medium-term SAP licensing strategy, support for contract negotiations
International Transport Company

IT Service Management

Concept design for and implementation of IT service management for all IT services and processes at the company, mapping of the service, planning, forecasting and financial processes in the SAP system, derivation of optimization activities
International Transport Company

Analysis of IT Service Management

Analysis of potential of the IT service processes and structure and for the provision of services, analysis of usage and costs for individual services, creation of an optimization catalogue
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