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Financial Services

Today, the financial industry faces numerous challenges. Increasing regulatory requirements, a changing competitive environment and cyber risks are just a few examples. As a result, financial service providers have to adapt or even redefine their business models and processes. Innovative technologies play a key role in this. We help our clients to use these technologies in such a way that they master the current challenges in the financial sector in a sustainable manner.

Success Stories

International Insurance Group

Analysis of global IT Management

Analysis of the management processes for global IT services at more than 200 companies, evaluation of the service content, cost and usage analysis for individual services, catalogue of optimization measures
International Insurance Group

Optimization Of Global IT Costs

Analysis of IT costs of global IT services of more than 200 international companies, identification and evaluation of optimization potential of the international companies, development and implementation of a catalogue of activities for a more efficient use of global IT budgets
International Insurance Group

Analysis of global SAP License Management

Cost and usage analysis of more than 60,000 SAP licenses worldwide, identification of untapped license potential, catalogue of measures to optimize license management, catalogue of activities to optimise license management and the associated OPEX/CAPEX
International Insurance Group

Global IT Cost Optimization

Optimization of the costs for global IT services, implementation of costing, planning and control for the global IT services at more than 200 international companies
International Insurance Group

Global IT Service Management

Restructuring of IT service management for more than 200 international companies, implementation of a international service platform
International Insurance Group

Global SAP Licence Management

Concept design for and implementation of a global licence management system for more than 60,000 SAP licences, including procurement, administration, distribution and redistribution, connection to the SAP system
IT Provider of a Bank Group

Potential Analysis

Analysis of all IT service processes, review of the organizational structure and management, analysis of the portfolio from a customer viewpoint, review of the technological infrastructure (particularly the existing data centre)
IT Provider of a Bank Group

IT Governance

Implementation of a new organizational structure, adjustment of all service and management processes, realignment of the sourcing model, implementation of a results and quality-oriented KPI control system
Bank Services Provider

Desktop Outsourcing

Outsourcing of desktop management for more than 2,000 workplaces, specification of service processes, pre-selection of providers, tender process, contract negotiations, transition, setting up of provider management
Federal Association

Help Desk Outsourcing

Planning and establishment of a new data centre, outsourcing of the IT help desk including tender process and selection of providers, setting up of operations for the infrastructure and backup data centre
Federal Association

Secure Communication Infrastructure

Planning of an infrastructure for secure communication via Secure Mail (S/MIME infrastructure), coordination of the implementation of an infrastructure for dissemination of association information via mobile end devices
Trade Credit Insurer

Trade Financing Platform

Design and implementation of a digital platform for various trade financing services, system architecture specification, selection of software solutions and providers, project management
International Bank Group

Optimisation Of Global IT-Budgets

Analysis of the entire financial accounting system at the IT service company, review of the service structure, service level management and cost structure, creation of an optimization concept
International Bank Group

IT Programme and Project Controlling

Introduction and implementation of system-supported programme and project controlling, including budget and resource planning, forecasting and settlement for international IT projects
International Bank

IT Infrastructure Transformation

Development of a target architecture for global IT infrastructure services, definition of a future sourcing model, definition of services and SLAs, drawing up of transition and transformation plans
International Bank Group

Realignment of Commercial IT Service Management

Restructuring of the financial accounting system at the IT service company, implementation of a control system for IT services, installation of SAP, including legacy data migration
International Banking Group

IT Infrastructure Outsourcing

Preparation of a global sourcing strategy, the definition of system architecture, selection of providers, contract negotiations, transition/transformation, implementation of provider controlling
European Furniture Group

Stabilization of at-risk IT Projects, Optimization of Management Structures

Assistance for the CIO, supervision of failing SAP projects, support with a requirements profile for sales and production in other European countries, facilitation of management committees
Savings Bank

Enterprise Social Networking, Workplace of the Future

Installation of a company-wide collaboration solution, integration of external partners, facilitation of the change management process, application integration and infrastructure planning
Cooperative Association

IT Strategy

Support for the IT strategy process of four associated companies, consolidation of the IT landscape, identification of potential synergies, shared infrastructures, determination of central and non-central services
IT Subsidiary of a Bank Group

IT Strategy

Development of an IT strategy, analysis of business requirements and technological trends, definition of an IT architecture, realignment of the service processes, sourcing strategy, organizational structure
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