Sector Expertise

Private Equity

Private equity firms build their success on finding suitable targets, acquiring them without disruption and increasing their enterprise value in a relatively short time frame. Especially in mid-sized companies, digital transformation offers great potential for value enhancement, as the degree of digitalization is often underdeveloped. In addition to ensuring a smooth transition after the acquisition of a company, we help our clients to swiftly increase the value of the portfolio company by consequently digitalizing along the value-adding processes.

Success Stories

Global Specialty Chemicals


Managing of the entire sales process from the first teaser to the successful completion of the transaction. Duration of the entire process: eight months until signing, ten months until completion
Global Automotive Company


Separation of the target from its former parent company at all locations in Europe, Asia and North America within two months. Complete independence of all IT systems and processes within a further four months, including conversion to globally uniform processes
German Retail Enterprise

Repositioning of Outsourcing and Restructuring

Replacement of supplier contracts with previous outsourcing companies, which were concluded under adverse conditions, drawing up of new contracts with other partners, introduction of program management
Automotive Supplier

Restructuring and Process Optimization

Advising the company management on the re-evaluation of processes and boosting of cost transparency, characterization of differences between the functional sectors of the company
US-Based Specialty Chemicals

Acquisition Integration

Planning and execution of the acquisition of a refinery, followed by integration into systems and processes of the portfolio company for inorganic value enhancement through backward integration. Completion of the integration within three months
European Steel Company


Successful separation of all IT systems, establishing complete independence of the systems and processes from the parent company and preparation of the merger with a new partner

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