Cyber Security

Resilience of your Business Processes against Cyber Risks

Cyber risks pose a significant threat to companies and organisations. Waves of ransomware attacks bring business processes or entire companies to a standstill. Data leaks lead to reputational damage and fines. Important know-how is drained by attacks by professionally organised hacker organisations.  

Digitisation increases the areas exposed to such attacks. Increasingly heterogeneous system landscapes with hybrid cloud architectures exacerbate the situation. It is becoming increasingly difficult for companies and organisations to defend their business processes and data efficiently against such attacks.  

We help you to find the right strategy for your company against these challenges. Here, the focus is on a risk-based process and the integration of a modern security-by-design approach. The early identification of attacks and effective defences are just as important as awareness measures for employees and management. 

Survival strategy for your company
Most companies are aware of the importance of cyber security. Without extensive protection and defence measures, successful cyber attacks acutely diminish a company’s ability to survive. The question quickly arises of how much and what do you need to invest in in order to ensure adequate protection for your own company? What risks can you take, and where should you tread particularly carefully?

Balance between investment and residual risk
These questions are key when developing a cyber security strategy. The aim is to achieve a good balance between investment in cyber security and the remaining risks. External requirements such as the IT Security Act or the GDPR must be included, as well as your company’s risk profile.

Bespoke cyber security strategy
We help you to answer these questions, and thus develop an up-to-date cyber security strategy. This provides the framework from which you can derive the specific protection and defence measures for your various business processes.
Identifying Areas of Attack
Using this cyber security risk assessment, we identify and analyse potential weak points in processes, in employee awareness or in IT assets with regard to potential threats to your critical business processes.

Risk-based Analysis
In methodological terms, this means: starting from business critical processes, we identify weak points in digitised business processes and their supporting assets in a risk-based analysis.

Prioritisation of Mitigation measures
We then jointly analyse, evaluate and prioritise the costs and benefits of potential mitigation measures for the identified risks.

Stability even in the Event of an Attack
In addition to immediate mitigation measures, we develop proposals to further develop your critical business processes and IT services in such a way that, in the event of disruptions, major processes continue to function in a stable manner at a minimal acceptable level by means of appropriate strategies and measures.
Implementing Statutory Requirements
IT compliance includes all of the measures, structures and processes established within your company that ensure your IT is legally compliant with internal, external or statutory requirements.

Secure and Certify
In particular, external statutory requirements which can also have an indirect impact on your company via your customers present a major challenge. It is important here to secure critical business processes in the shortest possible time, and if necessary, to have them certified.

Compiling a Requirements Catalogue
We support you in identifying critical business processes, analysing the current status and comparing their level of maturity against an internal and external catalogue of requirements.

Protecting your Business Processes and Services
Building on this, we then jointly develop recommendations on how you can protect your critical business processes and IT services so that you comply with the internal and external requirements.

Success Stories

Automotive Services Provider

IT Security Audit

Preparation for a security check by an automotive group, definition and implementation of physical and IT-related security measures for confidential information, support with auditing
IT Services Provider

External Data Protection Officer

Appointment of an external data protection officer for a data centre operator, survey of all processes involving personal data with a risk analysis and recommendations for the company management, contact person for customers
Automotive Manufacturer


Automated SAP vulnerability analysis of multiple SAP modules, vulnerability report and analysis of the top 10 weak points for the company management, with recommendations on how to reduce risks
Logistics Group

Data Protection Compliance

Group-wide initial survey to identify processes involving personal data and check for compliance with data protection provisions, central monitoring of all processes in the group that deals with personal data
Medical Company

Establishment of an Information Security Area

Definition of areas for which an ISMS was to be set up, analysis of maturity levels, implementation of risk analysis/risk management, implementation of measures, tools, KPIs and documentation
Federal Association

Secure Communication Infrastructure

Planning of an infrastructure for secure communication via Secure Mail (S/MIME infrastructure), coordination of the implementation of an infrastructure for dissemination of association information via mobile end devices
Medical Services Provider

KRITIS Certification

Preparation for KRITIS certification, review of existing processes and documentation, generation of a catalogue of measures, implementation support
Medical Services Provider

Cyber Security Check

Analysis of existing IT security situation, description of areas of activity in order to achieve a higher IT security level (guidelines, training, Best Practice Club, process integration), implementation of measures
Recruitment Agency


Advising the CIO on the creation of a long-term IT strategy, analysis of potential taking into account the latest digitalization trends, drawing up of a transformation plan
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