Project and Program Management

Transform your Company into the Future

Many companies face major challenges. Mergers or carve-outs, larger outsourcing projects or the replacement of complete core applications are just a few examples. Complex projects and programs of this kind require a wide range of experience and expertise in order to succeed. This experience and expertise is rarely available in sufficient quantities in organisations today. That comes as no surprise because projects of this size often arise only once in a company or in the lifetime of a manager, or at intervals of many years. This has been the focus of our work for many years.

As long-time program managers, experienced project leaders and consultants, we help you to master even the most complex of transformation projects successfully. To do so, we assume overall responsibility for the planning and design of the transformation project, the technological implementation, and the active design of the required change management within your company. 

Projects require a complex interplay of requirements, know-how, planning and management. Without regular reviews, these can quickly get out of hand. This results in rising project costs with no results, a lack of acceptance in specialist departments, excessive demands on employees or even the abandonment of the project.
We offer you a structured and proven procedure for avoiding such situations. We use these for planning complex projects as well as for rehabilitating non-performing projects. The key here is to understand and manage individual project risks. To start off, a detailed inventory of the risks in the project and in the project environment is required. To this end, we carry out qualified interviews with your key stakeholders and suppliers as well as in the project environment based on a proven questionnaire. We jointly classify identified risks based on the probability of their occurrence and their impact. On the basis of this classification, we derive the necessary measures and responsibilities in order to jointly lead the project to success.
In many of our activities, we continuously further develop our methods and procedures for the planning and management of large, complex transformation projects. Our approach differs significantly from many other procedural models for project design in one point: we use risk analysis and risk management systematically as a basis for project planning and project management. In our experience, the causes of problems in a project lie either with the stakeholders, the project itself or with the suppliers. Examples include conflict between stakeholders, excessively high demands, unclear definition of goals, insufficient planned resources, limited availability of planned resources and poorly defined responsibilities. Thanks to our approach, avoiding these risks becomes an integral part of project management from the start – and is therefore the key to the success of the project.
In ailing projects, risks have already emerged. In these cases, we therefore focus the risk analysis primarily on identifying and analysing the causes of the problems in the project. As a result of the risk analysis, we provide you with a catalogue of measures for rehabilitating the non-performing project. Building on this, we jointly design the project structure and project management so that the causes of the problem are eliminated and risks are minimised over the course of the project. Typical measures can for example include the prioritisation of the project portfolio, the expansion of the project plan into an effective control tool with realistic results and deadlines, the introduction of a clear project structure or even the strengthening of the role of the project leader. In extreme cases, this can also lead to a restart of the project. With our experience and risk based approach, we help you to lead ailing projects to a successful conclusion.

Success Stories

Engineering Services Provider

Sales & Marketing Platform

Specification of the required functionalities with all company areas, central data and system architecture including for adjacent systems, transition and transformation planning
Engineering Services Provider

SAP Roll-Out

Roll-out of SAP template for Finance, Controlling as well as all project acquisition and billing processes for Austrian subsidiary, including connection to Salesforce
Engineering Services Provider

Illustration: AÜG temporary employment law in SAP

Implementation of AÜG legal requirements in SAP, project management, design of the expansion of existing SAP landscape, control of implementation through to GoLive
Engineering Services Provider

Digitisation in Enterprise Content Management (ECM) Area

Digitisation of complete company document workflows, ECM design, the definition of Enterprise Architecture, implementation support
Personnel Services Provider

Salesforce Organisation

Interim establishment and management of a Salesforce team, structuring of tasks, more effective integration with department areas, stabilisation of companywide Salesforce landscape
International Insurance Group

Global IT Service Management

Restructuring of IT service management for more than 200 international companies, implementation of a international service platform
Medical Services Provider

SAP Migration

Migration of SAP instances from 40 companies to a new SAP platform, migration of master and transaction data to the new billing, finance and controlling structures, optimisation of interfaces to legacy systems
Laboratory Services Provider

Application Landscape Harmonisation

Design of consolidation of different laboratory systems onto a single platform for companywide distribution logistics, platform selection, project planning and structuring
Laboratory Services Provider

SAP Merger

Merger of 40 company codes in SAP to a few central company codes, migration of master and transaction data, project management
Bank Services Provider

Desktop Outsourcing

Outsourcing of desktop management for more than 2,000 workplaces, specification of service processes, pre-selection of providers, tender process, contract negotiations, transition, setting up of provider management
Energy Supplier

Implementation of a complete IT Organization

Concept design for and setting up of an IT organization for a newly founded energy supplier, carve-out and migration of parts of the main company, establishment of IT management
International Airport

IT Project Management

Concept design for and implementation of system-supported project management, including resource planning, budget management, project status monitoring and risk management, mapping in various project systems and the SAP system
Aerospace Company

Potential Analysis of Facility Management

Analysis of structures, processes and costs of more than 25,000 assets, detailed analysis of usage, maintenance and repairs, identification of optimization potential
International Transport Company

Group Reporting

Analysis and optimization of group reporting (balance sheet, income statement, cash flow, personnel indicators, logistics key figures), integration of the various data sources in the SAP reporting system
International Life Science Provider

Business Process Management

Replacement of an inflexible FDA/ISO-orientated procedure model in IT & production, alignment with GAMP, COBIT and ITIL, implementation of BPMN, portal-based publication of modelled processes
International Life Science Provider

End-to-end Process Integration

Replacement of standalone systems with an integration platform, including SAP (ERP, BW, PI, SolMan, third party), integrated with various manufacturing compliance systems (MES), IBM collaboration
International Life Science Provider

Agile Software Development

Concept design for and implementation of agile software development (Scrum), GAMP-compliant development methods in a regulated IT environment and product-related development areas
Foodstuff Manufacturer and Trader

IT Restructuring

Analysis of existing IT organisation, processes and systems, generation of future IT organisation on the basis of digital market trends in this segment, support for restructuring
Trade Credit Insurer

Trade Financing Platform

Design and implementation of a digital platform for various trade financing services, system architecture specification, selection of software solutions and providers, project management
International Building Materials Group


Sale of a part of the company which was 100% supplied by Group IT, management of carve-out and IT development for sold company segment as Interim CIO, integration of IT into the new US parent company
International Bank Group

IT Programme and Project Controlling

Introduction and implementation of system-supported programme and project controlling, including budget and resource planning, forecasting and settlement for international IT projects
International Banking Group

IT Infrastructure Outsourcing

Preparation of a global sourcing strategy, the definition of system architecture, selection of providers, contract negotiations, transition/transformation, implementation of provider controlling
Federal State Data Centre

IT Project Controlling

Setting up of a system of planning, budgeting and controlling for all IT projects in the organisation, including comprehensive project reporting and project risk management
European Furniture Group

Stabilization of at-risk IT Projects, Optimization of Management Structures

Assistance for the CIO, supervision of failing SAP projects, support with a requirements profile for sales and production in other European countries, facilitation of management committees
Public IT Services Provider

Support for IT Restructuring

Advising the company management on stabilizing and realigning a major IT service provider, optimization of governance structures and development of management principles
Federal State Company

IT Controlling

Support for the CIO/CFO in the setting up of a commercial control system for the company, mapping of the controlling processes in the SAP system, implementation of an indicator system (KPI) and a balanced scorecard
German Retail Enterprise

Repositioning of Outsourcing and Restructuring

Replacement of supplier contracts with previous outsourcing companies, which were concluded under adverse conditions, drawing up of new contracts with other partners, introduction of program management
German Production Company

Fast Close

Installation of a group-wide solution for the automation of month-end closing (SAP Financial Closing Cockpit) across more than 60 business units, concept design for target processes, coordination of implementation
Medical Technology Company

Desktop Software Rollout

Concept design for a global Windows/Office transition in an organisation with more than 5,000 clients, development and setting up of the project administration, project coaching, quality assurance
Production Company

Sourcing Strategy

Implementation and changeover of sourcing models for data exchange solutions and schedulers (Automic UC4, SAP EDI), concept design for a target architecture, tender process and provider selection, transition/transformation
Federal State Ministry

Federal State-wide IT Controlling

Setting up of IT controlling for federal state-wide IT activities, particularly budget management, provider management, project controlling and control of the federal state date centre
Medical Supplies Manufacturer

Application Operation

Stabilisation of the operation of a critical ERP application, analysis of causes of the instability, preparation and implementation of measures, transition to regular operation
International Shipyard Operation

Requirement Management

Analysis of processes in department areas, preparation and prioritisation of concrete IT requirements, development of requirement management, support for selected projects
International Telecommunication Company

Global IT Financial Management

Restructuring of the financial accounting processes for internal IT services, concept design for a company-wide planning and reporting system, mapping in the SAP system
International Plant Engineering Company

Carve-Out of a Company Area

Design of an independent IT service organisation and delivery, technical and economic analysis of all existing service contracts and SLAs, modification of necessary processes and services
International Plant Engineering Company

Program Management for Business Transformation Program

Supervision of all projects (processes, manufacturing, HR, sales, etc.), management of change processes, overall improvements to services including IT services and ITIL- and IBM IT Business Component Model-based management
National Transport Services Provider

Test Management

Development of a test strategy for Germany-wide locations, concept design for and execution of function and performance tests for the installation of an IT-supported data entry system
Foodstuff Manufacturer

Project Review

Review of a strategic project in New Finance, the scope of the project, time and budget planning, suppliers’ offers, identification and implementation of potential optimisations, project support
International Media Company

SAP Installation

Project management for eCommerce and SAP-CRM, replacement of a proprietary ERP system, requirements analysis, concept design for a target architecture, implementation and successful go-live
Retail Organisation

Project Restructuring, Product Information Management (PIM)

Taking control of project management after repeatedly failed implementation, analysis of the initial situation, reorganization through to a successful go-live
Supply and Disposal Utility Company

Commodity Trade and Material Flow Management

Installation of an SAP solution for commodity trade, evaluation, controlling and material flow management, concept design for a target architecture and solution, implementation management
Production Company

Project Coaching for a B2B Shop System

Support for the CIO in the case of a complex system changeover to a B2B shop system, support with the entire project management, monitoring of the project status and budget, content quality assurance
International Retail Organisation

Installation of a B2C Shop System

Concept design for content of an eCommerce platform, definition and implementation of project organization, implementation support in the form of project coaching and project controlling
International Engineering Services Provider

ERP Implementation

Design and roll-out of a complete SAP implementation for all central modules for more than 8000 employees, the architecture of interfaces to adjacent systems, support for the establishment of the SAP operating organisation
Personnel Services Provider


Design and management of migration to S/4HANA including database replacement, adapting in-house developments to the modified data model, adapting operating processes
International Printer Manufacturer

360° Analysis

Review of European IT organisation, processes and systems, evaluation of digital transformation trends in this market segment, evaluation of maturity levels in individual areas, preparation of potential optimisations and catalogue of measures
Consumer Goods Manufacturer

Interim CIO

Interim management of IT organisation, analysis and optimisation of IT processes, organisation and system landscape, headhunting, selection and induction of future CIO
Consumer Goods Manufacturer

ERP Implementation

Takeover of co-project management in a troubled ERP project, restructuring of the project, takeover of critical project issues, change management within the company
Medical Supplies Manufacturer

ERP Implementation

Management of the introduction of an ERP module for the company’s Order-to-Cash process, including design and project structure, test management and change management within the company
International Shipyard Association Operation

Interim CIO

Establishment of the CIO position in a shipyard association, merger of individual IT organisations into a central IT body, consolidation of infrastructure and application landscape, restructuring of provider structure including partial outsourcing
International Electronics Group

Collaboration Platform

Planning and roll out of a company-wide collaboration platform, mapping of logistics and production-related specialized processes, concept design for and implementation of an integrated CRM solution
Global Automotive Company


Separation of the target from its former parent company at all locations in Europe, Asia and North America within two months. Complete independence of all IT systems and processes within a further four months, including conversion to globally uniform processes
International Insurance Group

Analysis of global IT Management

Analysis of the management processes for global IT services at more than 200 companies, evaluation of the service content, cost and usage analysis for individual services, catalogue of optimization measures
Aerospace Company

Potential Analysis of Facility Management

Analysis of structures, processes and costs of more than 25,000 assets, detailed analysis of usage, maintenance and repairs, identification of optimization potential
International Utility Company

Test Management for Project Portfolio

Concept design, introduction and support in the implementation of a comprehensive test management system for the project portfolio of a major transformation project
International Bank Group

Realignment of Commercial IT Service Management

Restructuring of the financial accounting system at the IT service company, implementation of a control system for IT services, installation of SAP, including legacy data migration
International Bank

IT Infrastructure Transformation

Development of a target architecture for global IT infrastructure services, definition of a future sourcing model, definition of services and SLAs, drawing up of transition and transformation plans
Measurement Technology Manufacturer


Design of migration to S/4HANA, analysis and design of associated master data management, preparation of work packages, time planning and economic analysis
Supply and Disposal Utility Company

Optimization of IT Service Management

Concept design for and implementation of IT service management for all IT-related project and operational processes, including the mapping of clearing processes and control processes in the SAP system
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