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The technical spectrum facing today’s corporate business leaders has widened significantly in recent years. In addition to the actual management of business operations, issues such as digitisation, mobility, social media and big data now set the agenda. This also includes the management of associated changes. And therein lies the challenge. On the one hand, managers can only delegate the associated tasks to a limited degree. On the other, they can only handle the sheer amount of tasks alone with great difficulty. 

Our advisory services offer the perfect solution. We strengthen and complement your leadership, on an equal footing and based on mutual trust. In our advisory capacity, we take care of specialist issues in areas such as digital transformation, IT optimisation or complex change processes. In addition, our adviser is available to you as a confidential sparring partner for a wide variety of questions. Where required, we also support you with important market or technology community contacts. We work unencumbered by any historical decisions within your company and independently of solutions providers. 

As a sparring partner, 
we accompany and support you during complex transformations, restructurings as well as in any other questions, for example relating to stakeholder management or personnel selection.

As an extension of your arm 
we bring your plans and projects forward, for example by moderating internal decision-making processes and resolving critical situations. We support you in the selection and management of service providers.

As a driving force 
we travel with you along new paths, with momentum and ideas from other industries and companies.  We help to test new technologies for their intrinsic value to your company, and operationalise innovations on a sustainable basis.

As a responsible coach 
we support your teams and team members directly.  At your request, we carry out reviews of projects and organisations and develop tried and tested proposals for minimising risk.

Success Stories

International Trading Enterprise

Introduction of Agile Methods

Creation of a procedure for the SAP/eCommerce situation, introduction of agile methods (Scrum, Kanban) in eCommerce and coupling with classic project management related to SAP development
International Building Materials Business

IT Architecture

Preparation and design of a change to the central outsourcing partner for IT infrastructure, service management and applications, enterprise architecture, the definition of potential service and outsourcing packages, rough planning
Consumer Goods Manufacturer


Support to management during the digital transformation of the company group, specification and implementation of strategic IT and digitisation projects, restructuring of underlying IT, support for selected projects
Printing Services Provider

Data Centre Consolidation

Consultancy for the consolidation of two data centres, harmonisation of technology platforms, Enterprise Architecture, integration of management processes and organisation, support during implementation
Automotive Supplier

Restructuring and Process Optimization

Advising the company management on the re-evaluation of processes and boosting of cost transparency, characterization of differences between the functional sectors of the company
International Telecommunication Company

IT Cost Optimisation

Analysis of global IT costs for each business area, correlation of costs and user requirements, analysis of internal clearing processes, determination of potential optimization measures
German Trading Enterprise

IT Report

Evaluation of the software landscape and infrastructure to pinpoint optimization and efficiency potential, identification and assessment of the optimization potential, plan for optimization measures
International Bank Group

Optimisation Of Global IT-Budgets

Analysis of the entire financial accounting system at the IT service company, review of the service structure, service level management and cost structure, creation of an optimization concept
Plastics Manufacturer


Support for CIO during the restructuring of IT organisation and increased integration in Group IT, support for selected strategic projects
International Transport Company

In-house Service Levels

Analysis of potential future in-house service levels for individual IT services, parameters: potential personnel requirements, the value of IT services, significance to business processes, output: cost-benefit scenarios for the inhouse services with catalogue of optimisation measures
Aerospace Company

Potential Analysis of Facility Management

Analysis of structures, processes and costs of more than 25,000 assets, detailed analysis of usage, maintenance and repairs, identification of optimization potential
IT Provider of a Bank Group

IT Governance

Implementation of a new organizational structure, adjustment of all service and management processes, realignment of the sourcing model, implementation of a results and quality-oriented KPI control system
Trades Group


Support for management during the digital transformation of the corporate group, restructuring of underlying IT, integration of IT and department areas, support for selected projects
IT Provider of a Bank Group

Potential Analysis

Analysis of all IT service processes, review of the organizational structure and management, analysis of the portfolio from a customer viewpoint, review of the technological infrastructure (particularly the existing data centre)
Laboratory Services Provider

Project Management

Analysis of existing project management processes, identification of optimisation measures with project managers, in-house training of project managers
International Insurance Group

Global IT Cost Optimization

Optimization of the costs for global IT services, implementation of costing, planning and control for the global IT services at more than 200 international companies
International Engineering Services Provider

SAP Benefit Analysis

Analysis of the potential benefits of company-wide installation of SAP, including mapping of individual business processes in the SAP system, innovation potential, detailed cost-benefit assessment
International Printer Manufacturer

360° Analysis

Review of European IT organisation, processes and systems, evaluation of digital transformation trends in this market segment, evaluation of maturity levels in individual areas, preparation of potential optimisations and catalogue of measures
Supply and Disposal Company

IT Strategy

Facilitation and support for the strategy process, formulation of a strategy to redesign industry-specific solutions, requirements analysis, feasibility study and evaluation, development of a transformation roadmap
Federal State Data Centre

IT Strategy

Support for the strategy process with the drawing up of cause-effect chains for all business processes at the company (demand-to-delivery), definition of an ideal service structure and control model
Foodstuff Manufacturer

360° Analysis

Analysis of IT organisation, processes and systems (focus on SAP), identification and evaluation of digital trends in this market segment, generation of future IT and digitisation strategy, catalogue of measures and roadmap
Cooperative Association

IT Strategy

Support for the IT strategy process of four associated companies, consolidation of the IT landscape, identification of potential synergies, shared infrastructures, determination of central and non-central services
Energy Supplier

IT Strategy

Development of an IT strategy for a newly founded energy supply company, including an organizational model, service management, sourcing strategy, infrastructure and application landscape, budget and resource planning
IT Subsidiary of a Bank Group

IT Strategy

Development of an IT strategy, analysis of business requirements and technological trends, definition of an IT architecture, realignment of the service processes, sourcing strategy, organizational structure
Recruitment Agency


Support for the strategy process, development of an IT strategy and innovation concept based on current digitalization trends, creation of a five-year transformation plan
US-Based Specialty Chemicals

Acquisition Integration

Planning and execution of the acquisition of a refinery, followed by integration into systems and processes of the portfolio company for inorganic value enhancement through backward integration. Completion of the integration within three months
Global Specialty Chemicals


Managing of the entire sales process from the first teaser to the successful completion of the transaction. Duration of the entire process: eight months until signing, ten months until completion
International Transport Company

Analysis of IT Service Management

Analysis of potential of the IT service processes and structure and for the provision of services, analysis of usage and costs for individual services, creation of an optimization catalogue
Foodstuff Manufacturer and Trader

Project Coaching

Support for a comprehensive transformation project for the introduction of a new platform to control company production and distribution processes, continuous adaptation of project planning, quality assurance
Federal State Data Centre

Federal State-wide IT Management

Concept design for and implementation of a comprehensive control system for the IT centre of a German federal state, particularly the definition of services, financial mapping and reporting for the federal state authorities
International Medical Company

Introduction of IT Service Management

Concept design for future IT service management processes, selection of a platform, installation planning, support for the implementation and go-live of the ITSM system

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