Agile Organisational Development

Transform your Organisation into the Future

Digitisation is currently changing the business models and business processes of almost every company. VUCA – Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, Ambiguity – is a popular way of expressing this development. Know-how and technologies play an important role, as they have always done, but the key success factors today are adaptability and speed.  

Conventional organisational structures are usually too slow and inflexible for this development. In addition, young, technology-oriented employees expect a culture in which they can develop freely. As a result, many IT organisations today work with agile methods such as Scrum, Kanban or Design Thinking. Methods alone do not make an agile organisation, however. Only the interaction of structure, processes, management models, technology and an agile mindset enable the agile transformation of your company. Even if the focus of this development is today on IT organisations, over the medium term, it will change your entire company and the way that your employees work. That is why we combine technology and organisational development in all of our projects.  

We support your transformation projects with specially trained consultants who shape this cultural change in the company with the necessary tact.  In this way, we ensure that your organisation’s digital business models and business processes are also actively supported by your organisation.  

Agile assessment
Using our agile assessment, we work together to determine and analyse the agility level of your IT organisation. To do this, we make use of existing data sources, such as previous employee surveys, review selected projects and carry out interviews with employees both within and outside of your IT organisation. We consider structures, processes, management models, technology and the culture of your IT organisation in equal measure, and jointly draw up a map of potential fields of action for your further transformation into an agile IT organisation.

Agile transformation
The agile transformation of your IT organisation is a continuous process which often lasts several years. A large, thoroughly planned project is not the right approach for this process. We recommend that you work through the fields of action from the assessment step-by-step using an agile approach. As you work on each issue, you will see your IT organisation from a new perspective. In this way, you can flexibly re-prioritise your fields of action and optimally adjust to the needs of your IT organisation that have changed as a result of the transformation.
We support this transformation process with a variety of services depending on the field of action. At this point, we do not see ourselves as project leaders or consultants, but rather as active sparring partners in your transformation process. We moderate and support your transformation teams. We help you with the development and implementation of appropriate leadership and collaboration models. We are sparring partners for your management and help you to actively shape the change process. We also design awareness campaigns on issues including: Why do we need an agile organisation? In this way, you can make optimal and flexible use of our experience in the agile organisational development of your IT organisation.
Organisational status definition
In the past, IT projects focused primarily on technical migration, whereas today, almost every IT project is characterised to equal degrees by technical and organisational change. With the current development of more flexible and agile working environments, working models and the understanding of the role of each employee are changing. Traditional training and roll-out measures only partially fulfil the associated requirements.
We support your transformation projects from the very start at the technical and organisational levels. In the organisational status definition, we analyse impending changes in your organisation, and plan the necessary activities. In this way, you can ensure that your technological and organisational transformation is integrated, and actively supported by your employees.

Organisational transformation
The rapid developments in modern technologies are changing our working world to the same extent. A high degree of automation, agile forms of work, flat hierarchies, self-organised teams and a different, coaching-oriented understanding of leadership are just a few examples of this phenomenon. Classical training models for projects are no longer enough to successfully shape this change. You can only achieve employee acceptance through the active, integrated design of structures, processes, management models, technology and culture.
We support your transformation projects with specially trained consultants, offering a combination of proven experience in the information technology and organisational development fields. We help you to develop your future corporate structure and the associated work and management models. As a sparring partner for your management, we actively help shape your change process – as consultants, moderators or sparring partners. This integrated approach to technology and organisation ensures long-term employee acceptance of your transformation process.

Success Stories

International Recruitment Agency

Impact of Digitalization

Analysis of the impact of digitalization on the business model, development of scenarios to adapt/realign individual business areas, derivation of scenarios for the required IT budgets
Medical Services Provider

SAP Migration

Migration of SAP instances from 40 companies to a new SAP platform, migration of master and transaction data to the new billing, finance and controlling structures, optimisation of interfaces to legacy systems
International Engineering Services Provider

ERP Implementation

Design and roll-out of a complete SAP implementation for all central modules for more than 8000 employees, the architecture of interfaces to adjacent systems, support for the establishment of the SAP operating organisation
Personnel Services Provider

Salesforce Organisation

Interim establishment and management of a Salesforce team, structuring of tasks, more effective integration with department areas, stabilisation of companywide Salesforce landscape
Laboratory Services Provider

Application Landscape Harmonisation

Design of consolidation of different laboratory systems onto a single platform for companywide distribution logistics, platform selection, project planning and structuring
International Life Science Provider

Business Process Management

Replacement of an inflexible FDA/ISO-orientated procedure model in IT & production, alignment with GAMP, COBIT and ITIL, implementation of BPMN, portal-based publication of modelled processes
Aerospace Company

Potential Analysis of Facility Management

Analysis of structures, processes and costs of more than 25,000 assets, detailed analysis of usage, maintenance and repairs, identification of optimization potential
Energy Supplier

Implementation of a complete IT Organization

Concept design for and setting up of an IT organization for a newly founded energy supplier, carve-out and migration of parts of the main company, establishment of IT management
International Life Science Provider

Agile Software Development

Concept design for and implementation of agile software development (Scrum), GAMP-compliant development methods in a regulated IT environment and product-related development areas
Foodstuff Manufacturer and Trader

IT Restructuring

Analysis of existing IT organisation, processes and systems, generation of future IT organisation on the basis of digital market trends in this segment, support for restructuring
International Building Materials Group


Sale of a part of the company which was 100% supplied by Group IT, management of carve-out and IT development for sold company segment as Interim CIO, integration of IT into the new US parent company
International Banking Group

IT Infrastructure Outsourcing

Preparation of a global sourcing strategy, the definition of system architecture, selection of providers, contract negotiations, transition/transformation, implementation of provider controlling
European Furniture Group

Stabilization of at-risk IT Projects, Optimization of Management Structures

Assistance for the CIO, supervision of failing SAP projects, support with a requirements profile for sales and production in other European countries, facilitation of management committees
Federal State Data Centre

Introduction of IT Service Management

Concept design for and setting up of a service-orientated service portfolio, establishment of a control system, adjustment of the underlying organizational structure, implementation of the processes in the SAP system
German Production Company

Fast Close

Installation of a group-wide solution for the automation of month-end closing (SAP Financial Closing Cockpit) across more than 60 business units, concept design for target processes, coordination of implementation
Medical Supplies Manufacturer

ERP Implementation

Management of the introduction of an ERP module for the company’s Order-to-Cash process, including design and project structure, test management and change management within the company
Consumer Goods Manufacturer

ERP Implementation

Takeover of co-project management in a troubled ERP project, restructuring of the project, takeover of critical project issues, change management within the company
International Shipyard Association Operation

Interim CIO

Establishment of the CIO position in a shipyard association, merger of individual IT organisations into a central IT body, consolidation of infrastructure and application landscape, restructuring of provider structure including partial outsourcing
International Plant Engineering Company

Carve-Out of a Company Area

Design of an independent IT service organisation and delivery, technical and economic analysis of all existing service contracts and SLAs, modification of necessary processes and services
International Electronics Group

Collaboration Platform

Planning and roll out of a company-wide collaboration platform, mapping of logistics and production-related specialized processes, concept design for and implementation of an integrated CRM solution
International Trading Enterprise

Introduction of Agile Methods

Creation of a procedure for the SAP/eCommerce situation, introduction of agile methods (Scrum, Kanban) in eCommerce and coupling with classic project management related to SAP development
International Media Company

SAP Installation

Project management for eCommerce and SAP-CRM, replacement of a proprietary ERP system, requirements analysis, concept design for a target architecture, implementation and successful go-live
Global Automotive Company


Separation of the target from its former parent company at all locations in Europe, Asia and North America within two months. Complete independence of all IT systems and processes within a further four months, including conversion to globally uniform processes
US-Based Specialty Chemicals

Acquisition Integration

Planning and execution of the acquisition of a refinery, followed by integration into systems and processes of the portfolio company for inorganic value enhancement through backward integration. Completion of the integration within three months
European Steel Company


Successful separation of all IT systems, establishing complete independence of the systems and processes from the parent company and preparation of the merger with a new partner
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