Successfully into the Fourth SAP Generation

SAP has formed the business backbone of many companies for decades. With the increasing integration of cross-company value chains, many SAP landscapes also need modernising. SAP offers a wide range of possibilities with S/4HANA and various associated products such as Hybris, Ariba or Success Factors. Their use involves more than a simple migration. Today’s IT architectures are determined by cloud-based services, integration platforms and the demand for low-code technologies. Companies should take the opportunity of switching to S/4HANA to implement a future-oriented IT architecture. We support you as consultants, project leaders and program managers, from scoping your S/4HANA landscape to the go-live of your S/4HANA implementation and associated change processes within the company. 

Business processes 
are the foundation of any S/4HANA project. With our S/4HANA Business Process Review, we jointly answer the question of how we can optimise your business processes both within and outside of SAP so that these form a stable foundation for your S/4HANA system.

Greenfield vs. brownfield 
or a hybrid of both approaches? We help you to weigh up the degree of freedom offered by the greenfield, legacy-free approach against the complete system conversion of the brownfield approach, and to define the optimal migration scenario for your business.

On-premise vs. cloud 
is one of the main questions of any S/4HANA project. We work together to define the optimal scenario for your company. In on-premise scenarios, we choose from “real” on-premise, hosting and the hyperscaler model. In cloud scenarios, we use either the S/4HANA Essential or Extended editions.

Enterprise architecture 
Almost every SAP system is integrated into a landscape with a wide variety of IT systems. A properly structured enterprise architecture will help you master the associated complexity. We support you during the design of this architecture and on the question of which future functionalities will be mapped both within and outside of S/4HANA.

Project and budget planning 
S/4HANA requires a high level of investment, and particular care when planning resources, time and budget. We offer you in-depth experience from a wide number of comparable projects. In this way, we help you to plan your S/4HANA project in a realistic manner, so that you can complete this on schedule and within your budget.
Project and program management  
We offer you professional planning and control of your S/4HANA project. Freed from the constraints of our own implementation interests, we are 100 percent focused on your requirements to ensure the optimal design of your S/4HANA project. Together with a powerful team, we orchestrate your project activities and implementation service providers as project or program managers.
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Master data 
Many companies are on the way to becoming a globally standardised organisation. Harmonised business processes based on central data and systems enable the fast adjustment of global production and development capacities to current market developments. We therefore recommend consolidating your master data before embarking on a S/4HANA project. We analyse your master data, then work together with you to develop – and help you to implement – a cleansing and consolidation roadmap. As a result, you start your S/4HANA project with a clean database.

Organisational transformation 
S/4HANA projects change not only your SAP technology, but above all also the underlying business processes. In conjunction with the current development of more flexible and agile working environments, management models and the understanding of the role of each employee are changing. Traditional training and roll-out measures no longer fulfil the associated requirements. That is why we support our transformation projects with specially trained consultants, who shape the cultural changes within your company using the necessary tact and intuition. In this way, we ensure that your S/4HANA transformation is also actively supported by your organisation.
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Expansion and optimisation 
In many situations, it makes sense to first optimise and expand your existing SAP landscape before beginning the switch to S/4HANA. Typical situations include the harmonisation of production control across plants globally, the consolidation of worldwide master data, or the elimination of widespread individual solutions in your SAP system. We help you plan and control these projects so that you can then switch to S/4HANA without major adjustments.

Pre- and peripheral systems 
Today, almost every SAP system is embedded in a network of pre- and peripheral systems. Some of these systems are often nearing the end of their life cycle. Nowadays, the market now offers either SAP standard solutions, or more modern alternatives to other systems. Many systems still run over individual interfaces, to which middleware would be a better alternative. In many of these situations, you should first optimise and expand your existing SAP landscape before beginning the switch to S/4HANA. We help you to optimise your pre- and peripheral systems so that you significantly reduce the complexity of the subsequent S/4HANA project.

Business Partner 
Many SAP systems still work with Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable. As an alternative, SAP introduced Business Partner a few years ago, as a central master data object for all companies and individuals with whom you have a business relationship. The migration to SAP S/4HANA it is not possible without Business Partner. We help you to consistently merge the different roles in the Business Partner master data object. In this way, you create a stable basis for a trouble-free S/4HANA conversion.
Licence optimisation  
In many companies, the SAP licensing situation involves various individual contracts and follow-up purchases. As a result, the contract landscape seldom reflects actual licensing requirements. This leads to unnecessary additional cost or under-licensing. We help to analyse your licence portfolio, compare this to the actual needs of your departments, and optimise topics such as indirect use by adapting the IT infrastructure. The result that you receive is a bespoke SAP licence model which at the same time provides an optimal basis for your S/4HANA implementation.

S/4HANA conversion 
Product conversion or contract conversion is one of the first questions to come up in any S/4HANA changeover. But that only covers the contractual point of view. Start your preparations for licence negotiations with your business processes and IT architecture. Together with you, we analyse the needs of your departments and deduce your optimal licensing requirements over the long term. In a detailed review of the SAP landscape and pre- and peripheral systems, we optimise interfaces and functions in such a way that your licensing costs are further reduced. When combined with a decision on the conversion licence type, you start on your S/4HANA implementation with an optimal licensing model.

Negotiation support
Successful contract negotiations require a great deal of experience and intuition. The aim is to find an optimal balance between the interests of both sides. The key to a successful licence negotiation is preparation. The starting point is a solid target/performance analysis. This will give you your future licensing requirements. Together, we optimise these requirements, and define your optimal licensing strategy for the next few years. Using our experience of many successful negotiations, we develop a negotiation strategy for your SAP licensing requirement. We support the negotiations with SAP or a service provider, either in the background, or actively involved at the negotiation table. With our knowledge of many comparable negotiations, we help you to achieve an optimal price-performance ratio for your SAP licence agreements.

Success Stories

Optics Manufacturer


Conceptual design and development of various economic scenarios for migration to S/4HANA, generation of a roadmap including time and resource plan
International Standardization Body

IT Service Management

Optimization of the existing IT service management, review and redefinition of the IT service catalogue, development of a commercial control system for ITSM, implementation of control of the SAP system
International Engineering Services Provider

SAP Benefit Analysis

Analysis of the potential benefits of company-wide installation of SAP, including mapping of individual business processes in the SAP system, innovation potential, detailed cost-benefit assessment
Engineering Services Provider

SAP Roll-Out

Roll-out of SAP template for Finance, Controlling as well as all project acquisition and billing processes for Austrian subsidiary, including connection to Salesforce
Foodstuff Manufacturer


Design and planning of future S/4HANA migration, the definition of future enterprise architecture including SAP-internal and external processes, preparation of work packages, time planning and economic assessment
Engineering Services Provider

Illustration: AÜG temporary employment law in SAP

Implementation of AÜG legal requirements in SAP, project management, design of the expansion of existing SAP landscape, control of implementation through to GoLive
Personnel Services Provider


Design and management of migration to S/4HANA including database replacement, adapting in-house developments to the modified data model, adapting operating processes
Engineering Services Provider

SAP Licence Optimisation

Analysis of SAP licensing situation, development of a SAP licensing strategy specifically for indirect use, fit-gap analysis, negotiation strategy and support for contract negotiations
International Insurance Group

Global SAP Licence Management

Concept design for and implementation of a global licence management system for more than 60,000 SAP licences, including procurement, administration, distribution and redistribution, connection to the SAP system
Laboratory Services Provider

SAP Merger

Merger of 40 company codes in SAP to a few central company codes, migration of master and transaction data, project management
International Airport

IT Project Management

Concept design for and implementation of system-supported project management, including resource planning, budget management, project status monitoring and risk management, mapping in various project systems and the SAP system
Aerospace Company

Potential Analysis of Facility Management

Analysis of structures, processes and costs of more than 25,000 assets, detailed analysis of usage, maintenance and repairs, identification of optimization potential
International Transport Company

Group Reporting

Analysis and optimization of group reporting (balance sheet, income statement, cash flow, personnel indicators, logistics key figures), integration of the various data sources in the SAP reporting system
Laboratory Services Provider

SAP Licensing Strategy

Review of existing SAP licensing situation, future needs planning, generation of medium-term SAP licensing strategy specifically for indirect use, support for contract negotiations
International Life Science Provider

End-to-end Process Integration

Replacement of standalone systems with an integration platform, including SAP (ERP, BW, PI, SolMan, third party), integrated with various manufacturing compliance systems (MES), IBM collaboration
International Engineering Company

Global IT Project Planning

Development of a system for the detailed planning, scheduling and approval of costs, investments and resources for global IT projects and operations, derivation and implementation of measures for more efficient use of IT budgets
International Pharmaceutical Company

IT Service Management

Optimization of the structure and processes of IT service management, concept design for and implementation of a financial and controlling system for global IT services, derivation and implementation of measures for more efficient use of IT budgets
International Telecommunication Company

Global IT Financial Management

Restructuring of the financial accounting processes for internal IT services, concept design for a company-wide planning and reporting system, mapping in the SAP system
International Media Company

SAP Installation

Project management for eCommerce and SAP-CRM, replacement of a proprietary ERP system, requirements analysis, concept design for a target architecture, implementation and successful go-live
International Transport Company

IT Service Management

Concept design for and implementation of IT service management for all IT services and processes at the company, mapping of the service, planning, forecasting and financial processes in the SAP system, derivation of optimization activities
International Building Materials Business

SAP Licence Consultancy

Review of current SAP licensing situation, future needs planning, analysis of specific integration scenarios for external systems, support during negotiations
Measurement Technology Manufacturer


Design of migration to S/4HANA, analysis and design of associated master data management, preparation of work packages, time planning and economic analysis
Mining Company

SAP Licence Consultancy

Preparation of a plan for future licensing requirements, analysis of indirect use, development of an SAP licensing strategy, support during contract adjustment negotiations
Foodstuff Manufacturer and Trader

SAP Licence Consultancy

Analysis of existing SAP licence situation, forecast of future licence requirements, generation of a medium-term SAP licensing strategy, support for contract negotiations
International Engineering Services Provider

ERP Implementation

Design and roll-out of a complete SAP implementation for all central modules for more than 8000 employees, the architecture of interfaces to adjacent systems, support for the establishment of the SAP operating organisation
International Standardization Body

Analysis of IT Service Management

Analysis of all processes relating to IT service management, distribution of tasks in the IT area, review of the IT service catalogue, analysis of the commercial control system, creation of a catalogue of optimization activities for more efficient use of IT budgets
Personnel Services Provider

Salesforce Organisation

Interim establishment and management of a Salesforce team, structuring of tasks, more effective integration with department areas, stabilisation of companywide Salesforce landscape
International Insurance Group

Analysis of global SAP License Management

Cost and usage analysis of more than 60,000 SAP licenses worldwide, identification of untapped license potential, catalogue of measures to optimize license management, catalogue of activities to optimise license management and the associated OPEX/CAPEX
Medical Services Provider

SAP Migration

Migration of SAP instances from 40 companies to a new SAP platform, migration of master and transaction data to the new billing, finance and controlling structures, optimisation of interfaces to legacy systems
Media Services Provider

SAP Licence Consultancy

Review of existing SAP licence situation, optimisation of certification, incorporation of future licensing requirements, preparation of negotiation strategy, support during negotiations
Automotive Manufacturer


Automated SAP vulnerability analysis of multiple SAP modules, vulnerability report and analysis of the top 10 weak points for the company management, with recommendations on how to reduce risks
International Plant Engineering Company

Program Management for Business Transformation Program

Supervision of all projects (processes, manufacturing, HR, sales, etc.), management of change processes, overall improvements to services including IT services and ITIL- and IBM IT Business Component Model-based management
Foodstuff Manufacturer

SAP Licence Management

Certification support and optimisation, development of a medium-term SAP licensing strategy, analysis of indirect use, support for contract negotiations
Supply and Disposal Utility Company

Commodity Trade and Material Flow Management

Installation of an SAP solution for commodity trade, evaluation, controlling and material flow management, concept design for a target architecture and solution, implementation management
International Bank Group

Realignment of Commercial IT Service Management

Restructuring of the financial accounting system at the IT service company, implementation of a control system for IT services, installation of SAP, including legacy data migration
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